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Destination Photography based in the San Juan Islands. 

About Us

Everyone has a story. Every story is unique.


Our projects start with the soul. The search for 'what is'. What is really there, what is the essence. It shows itself naturally when we as storytellers, photographers, cinematographers, can step back and let truth express itself. 

When we get a sense of 'what is', we move through the rest of the day shooting from this perspective, with this understanding as our guide. This is where the heart comes in. Stories are full of emotion. We follow the heart in what we capture and what moments to influence or let be. Many of the events we end up at are HUGE moments in life, and we hold one thing above all else. To be there for you. Let your day be the natural expression of you and yours, and let our work enhance your experience. 

A little bit about us. We're married and our work is so meaningful to us!  We start at the truth and go from there, with our heart and soul.


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"Capturing the moments of today that will last a lifetime."

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